Tsar Bomba mechanical watches are not just timekeeping devices. They are also intricate machinery that requires proper maintenance and care to function optimally. If you own a Tsar Bomba automatic watch, you must understand the importance of keeping it in good condition. 

In this blog post, we will discuss eight crucial actions you can take to maintain your mechanical watch parts and ensure it lasts many years.

So, let’s begin!   

One of the most basic yet essential actions to maintain your mechanical watch is to wind it regularly. Tsar Bomba mechanical watches typically require daily winding to keep the watch movement running smoothly. Over time, the mainspring can lose its elasticity, and the watch will stop ticking. To avoid this, wind your watch simultaneously every day, preferably in the morning.

Keep Your Watch Clean

Keeping your watch clean is vital to maintain its appearance and prevent dirt or debris from interfering with the movement. The watch case and bracelet should be gently wiped with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid using water or soap to clean the watch, as this can damage the watch's movement.

Store Your Watch Properly

When you're not wearing your watch, it's essential to store it properly to prevent any damage or scratches. Store your watch in a soft, lined box or watch roll, and avoid placing it near magnets or other electronic devices that can interfere with the movement.

Service Your Watch Regularly

Tsar Bomba mechanical watches require regular maintenance and servicing to keep them in good condition like any other machinery. Having your watch serviced by a company every 3-5 years is recommended. During the service, the watchmakers will clean and oil the movement, replace worn-out parts, and ensure the watch functions correctly.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Exposure to extreme temperatures can damage the watch's movement and affect its accuracy. High temperatures can cause the lubricants in your watch's movement to dry out, such as when it's left in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

Be Mindful Of Water Exposure

Although many mechanical watches are water-resistant, they are not all waterproof. Check the water-resistance rating of your watch and avoid exposing it to water if it's not rated for it. If you get your watch wet, immediately dry it off with a soft cloth and have it inspected by a professional watchmaker.

Avoid Shock And Impact

Tsar Bomba mechanical watches are made from durable materials but still the delicate machinery inside the watch is easily damaged by shock or impact. Avoid wearing your watch during high-impact activities, such as sports or manual labor, and be mindful of any bumps or knocks the watch may encounter throughout the day.

Use Your Watch Regularly

Lastly, Tsar Bomba mechanical watches are designed to be used regularly. If you leave your watch idle for extended periods, the lubricants in the movement can dry out, and the watch may stop ticking. Wear your watch regularly, wind it daily, and have it serviced regularly to ensure it's functioning correctly.

Why Maintaining Mechanical Watch Parts Is Essential

Maintaining mechanical watch parts is essential for several reasons. 

  • Automatic watches are intricate and delicate mechanisms that rely on precise movements and careful calibration to keep accurate time. It is no surprise that they are often valuable items that have the potential to last for decades, if not centuries, if properly maintained.
  • One of the most critical reasons for maintaining mechanical watch parts is accuracy. The elements of an automatic watch are designed to move in precise and coordinated ways to keep time as accurate as possible. However, these parts can wear down or become misaligned over time, leading to decreased accuracy. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure the watch keeps time as precise as possible.
  • A watchmaker can adjust the balance wheel and other watch parts to ensure they work correctly and keep time as accurate as possible. 

For example, a watch's balance wheel oscillates back and forth at a precise rate and can become unbalanced or worn down over time. This can cause the watch to keep the wrong time or stop altogether.

  • In addition to accuracy, maintaining mechanical watch parts is critical for longevity.
  • Tsar Bomba automatic watches are designed to last for decades but require proper maintenance to prevent damage and ensure that the watch functions properly for as long as possible. 

Over time, the lubricants that keep the watch's moving parts working smoothly can break down or dry out, causing increased friction and wear on the parts. This can lead to decreased accuracy and potential damage to the watch's delicate components.

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure that the watch's lubricants are working correctly and that the parts are moving smoothly, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging the watch's lifespan. 

For example, a watchmaker may clean the watch's parts, replace any worn or damaged components, and re-lubricate the watch's mechanisms during routine servicing.

  • Preventing damage is another critical reason for maintaining mechanical watch parts. Without regular maintenance, a mechanical watch's delicate and intricate parts can become damaged, leading to more severe issues that may be difficult or expensive to fix. 

For example, if a watch's mainspring becomes damaged or breaks, it can cause significant damage to the watch's other components. A watchmaker can identify and fix potential issues before they become more severe, preventing damage and saving the owner from costly repairs.

Mechanical watches can be valuable and collectible items, and their value can be significantly affected by their condition. 

  • Maintaining mechanical watch parts can also help preserve the watch's value. A well-maintained watch is more likely to retain its value over time, while a poorly maintained or damaged watch may be worth significantly less.
  • Finally, maintaining mechanical watch parts can also be a safety issue. Sometimes, a damaged or malfunctioning automatic watch can be a safety hazard. 

For example, if a watch's mainspring breaks while someone is wearing it, it could cause injury or damage to its other components. Regular maintenance ensures that the watch is functioning properly and reduces the risk of any potential safety issues.

Consequences Of Not Servicing Mechanical Watches Regularly

If you don't provide regular servicing to a mechanical watch, it can lead to several issues affecting its accuracy, reliability, and lifespan. Here are some of the potential impacts:

Reduced accuracy: 

Over time, the lubricants in a mechanical watch can break down and dry out, causing increased friction between the watch's moving parts. This can lead to reduced accuracy, as the watch's timekeeping mechanism may be unable to keep time as precisely as it should.

Increased wear and tear: 

Without regular servicing, the watch's parts can wear down faster than with proper maintenance. This can lead to increased friction, which can cause more wear and tear on the features and lead to further accuracy issues.

Potential damage: 

If a mechanical watch is not serviced regularly, there is a risk of damage to the watch's delicate and intricate parts. This can occur if the watch is exposed to shock or parts become misaligned due to wear-and-tear.

Longer-term problems: 

If you continue to use a mechanical watch without regular servicing, the issues can compound over time, leading to more severe problems that may be difficult or expensive to fix.

Regular servicing is essential for keeping a mechanical watch in good working order and ensuring its accuracy and longevity. It's recommended to service an automatic watch every three to five years, depending on the manufacturer's recommendations and how frequently you wear it.


In conclusion, maintaining a mechanical watch is essential to ensure it lasts many years and functions optimally. Remember to wind your watch regularly, keep it clean, store it properly, service it regularly, avoid extreme temperatures, be mindful of water exposure and shock, and use your watch regularly. 

Following these eight critical actions, you can keep your watch in good condition and enjoy it for years. Proper care and maintenance can make your mechanical watch a treasured possession for generations.

май 10, 2023 — WBO Solutions