Love wearing your watch everywhere, but worried about getting it wet? Don't fret! Water resistance can be a confusing term, but this guide is here to help. We'll break down what "water resistant" means for watches and explain those mysterious ATM and meter ratings. 

Whether you're facing a surprise downpour or planning a diving adventure, this guide will help you choose the perfect watch for your active lifestyle. So, ditch the worry and get ready to make a splash (or not) with confidence!

What is Water Resistance? 

Water resistance in watches simply means how well they can handle getting wet. Imagine your watch is like a tiny water balloon. It can hold some water for a while, but if you squeeze it too hard (or dunk it for too long), water will eventually get in. Here's a breakdown of the concept:

Not Waterproof 

Some watches are only meant for minimal contact with moisture, while others can handle deeper dives.

Pressure Matters

Depth isn't the only thing that matters. Imagine jumping into a pool – the sudden splash creates more pressure than just being underwater calmly.

Activities in Mind

Knowing your watch's water resistance rating is important. You wouldn't want to wear a splash-proof watch while snorkeling, as it could get damaged.

Let's Understand ATM, Meters, and Your Watch's Water Resistance

Water resistance means your watch can take some getting wet, but there's a limit. Think of a watch's water resistance like a raincoat. It offers protection from light splashes, but for serious water exposure, you'll need something more substantial.

Depth isn't the only thing that matters. Imagine jumping into a pool – the sudden splash creates more pressure than just being underwater calmly.

That's where ATM and meters come in. ATM (like "Automatic Teller Machine") is a unit for pressure, and meters show how deep a watch can go (in calm water, of course!).

The chart below explains what each ATM and meter rating generally means for your watery adventures.

ATM Rating

Meter Rating

Suitable Activities

3 ATM / 30 meters

Splash-proof, light rain

5 ATM / 50 meters

Shower-proof, swimming (avoid hot water & intense activities)

10 ATM / 100 meters

Swimming, snorkeling

20 ATM / 200 meters

Scuba diving (consult manufacturer's instructions)

Remember: These are general guidelines. Always refer to your watch's manual for specific recommendations and any additional care instructions. 

Bonus Tip: After a saltwater adventure, rinse your watch with clean water to remove any salt residue that could cause corrosion.  

4 out of 10 watches succumb to water damage. Don't let yours be next!

Did you know? Studies show that a whopping 40% of people lose their watches due to water damage from everyday activities. That's where a reliable water-resistant watch comes in.

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  • Durable Build: The watch features a robust 316L stainless steel case that can handle bumps and scrapes with ease. Plus, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal ensures your watch face stays clear and legible, no matter where your adventures take you.
  • Comfort and Style: The watch comes with a comfortable and durable silicone strap that's perfect for all-day wear. At 53mm in diameter, it makes a bold statement on your wrist, without feeling bulky thanks to its 14.3mm thickness.
  • Reliable Movement: The Japan JS15 quartz movement is known for its accuracy and requires minimal maintenance, keeping you on time for every adventure.

Final Thought

With a clear understanding of water resistance, you can now explore a wide range of watches to suit your active lifestyle. From everyday companions that can handle rain and splashes to dive-ready watches that can withstand the pressure of the deep.

So, whether you're a casual swimmer or a seasoned adventurer, there's a water-resistant watch out there to keep you on time and in style for all your aquatic activities. Happy splashing!

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