Mechanical watches are marvels of engineering and design that combine precision, craftsmanship, and aesthetics. To measure time, gears, springs, and levers work together in a complex system. But what if you could see the inner workings of these timepieces? That's where skeleton watches come in.

The movement of a skeleton watch is often highly decorated and finished, adding an aesthetic element to the watch and its functionality. Decorative elements can include intricate hand-engraving, delicate guilloché patterns, or detailed finishing techniques that add to the watch's visual appeal.

What is a skeleton watch?

Skeleton watches are mechanical watches that display their moving parts through the front and back parts. Featuring a dial that reveals the watch's movement, these watches give a detailed glimpse into its workings. Some skeleton watches also have transparent or cut-out cases that allow you to see the movement from the sides.

Skeleton watches are not only functional but also artistic. They showcase the beauty and intricacy of mechanical watchmaking and the skill and creativity of the watchmakers who design and craft them. Skeleton watches are often considered works of art that display the ultimate expression of timekeeping engineering and design.

The History of skeleton watches

The origins of skeleton watches can be traced back to the 18th century when pocket watches were popular. Some watchmakers started to cut away parts of the metal plates and bridges that held the movement together, creating openings that revealed the gears and springs underneath. The purpose of this was two-fold: to reduce the size and weight of the pocket watches and to demonstrate their quality and complexity.

The first skeleton watches were made by hand, using suitable tools and techniques to create intricate patterns and shapes on the metal parts. These watches were rare and expensive, and only a few master watchmakers could produce them. Some of that era's most famous skeleton watchmakers were André-Charles Caron, Jean-Antoine Lépine, and Abraham-Louis Breguet.

In the 20th century, as wristwatches became more popular, skeleton watches also evolved. Some watchmakers started to use modern materials and technologies to create more innovative and diverse designs. Some examples are:

The Cartier Santos-Dumont Skeleton Watch (2004) features a square-shaped movement that follows the shape of the case.

The Hublot Big Bang Unico Sapphire (2016) has a transparent sapphire crystal case that reveals the entire movement from all angles.

The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Pirelli (2017) has a skeletonized movement that resembles a spider web, with colorful accents inspired by Pirelli tires.

Tsar Bomba mechanical watches (2022) with skeleton dial displays the movement directly on the dial, allowing you to view it up close.

Features of Skeleton Design Watches

The skeleton design is a popular mechanical watch style that features a partially or fully exposed movement, allowing the wearer to see the intricate inner workings of the watch. Skeleton design mechanical watches offer the following critical features:

Open-Worked Dial: The dial of a skeleton watch is often partially or wholly cut away to reveal the movement underneath. This open-worked design lets the wearer see the gears, springs, and other components that power the watch.

Exposed Movement: The movement of a skeleton watch is often fully or partially exposed, with the components visible through the dial or the case back. This allows the wearer to see the intricate mechanical workings of the watch in action.

Decorative Elements: Skeleton watches often feature decorative elements, such as hand-engraving, guilloché patterns, or intricate finishing techniques. These elements can enhance the watch's aesthetic appeal and make it a work of art.

Limited Editions: Many skeleton watches are produced in limited editions, making them highly sought after by collectors. Some watchmakers also offer bespoke or custom skeleton watches, allowing customers to create a unique timepiece.

Complex Movements: Skeleton watches often feature complex and highly accurate mechanical movements, such as tourbillons, perpetual calendars, or minute repeaters. These movements are not only functional but also add to the watch's visual appeal.

Tsar Bomba Mechanical Watches With Skeleton Design

Tsar Bomba's automatic mechanical watches for men use an ergonomic double bridge design. The case of each watch has been processed 202 times to enhance the fit on the wrist of the wearer. Skeleton dials allow you to view the movement directly and see how it works. All the details are unique.

These branded men's mechanical watches have a colorless anti-reflective coating sapphire mirror surface. Our most precise mechanical watches include a 316L stainless steel, and water-resistant and corrosion-resistant case. Japanese movement provides a precise time and storage of energy over 48 hours—the natural signs of your wrist power it. 

Tsar Bomba skeleton design watches can vary in the degree of transparency, with some watches featuring only partially exposed movements while others showcase the entire movement. A watch's dial and case are often removed to reveal the movement underneath, but some designs may also feature a transparent glass back to show off the movement.

The skeleton design of Tsar Bomba mechanical watches is a style that showcases the watch's inner workings by partially or fully exposing the movement, which is the complex set of gears, springs, and other components that power the watch. Instead of hiding the movement behind a solid dial or case back, the skeleton design exposes the movement for all to see, giving a view of the intricate mechanics that make the watch function.

Through their unique skeleton design, Tsar Bomba watches showcase mechanical watchmaking's beauty and complexity. The transparent design allows the wearer to appreciate the watch's inner workings while adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the timepiece.


Skeleton watches are more than just watches. They are expressions of art, culture, history, and personality. They allow us to appreciate the beauty and complexity of mechanical watchmaking and the creativity and innovation of watchmakers who push the boundaries of design. Skeleton watches are not for everyone, but for those who love them, they are treasures.

май 04, 2023 — WBO Solutions