TSAR BOMBA is a world-famous wristwatch brand that has gained its reputation in the watch industry due to its automatic and ceramic watches. They recently dabbled in the Best Luxury Mens Watches made of carbon fiber and were successful in introducing a couple of bold colors to their inventory. As the brand has gained much importance, it’s time to have a quick TSAR BOMBA watch review to get a glimpse into:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Features, and much more!

Intending to redefine the fashion statement, TSAR BOMBA is introducing Best Luxury Mens Watches to emerge as cutting-edge labels on a worldwide scale. Apart from its headquarters, which are located in Hong Kong, the brand has locations in several other cities. It is present in South Africa, the United States, Singapore, Ghana, Italy, Portugal, Kuwait, and other countries.

TSAR BOMBA sells a wide range of collections, from carbon fiber and ceramic to Quartz waterproof watch and automatic watches. Its website lists more than 30 different items. Also, the brand is an expert in its field, and each product is planned and designed by designers who have won the Red Dot Award.

TSAR BOMBA Watch Review: Looking at its Design, Build, and Fit

If we review TSAR BOMBA watch looks, they might appear just like ordinary watches. However, they feature a classic, large Tonneau silhouette that comes with an analog display. It has an all-stainless steel bezel with the TSAR BOMBA brand name engraved inside a 21mm silicone FKM strap. The strap of the TSAR BOMBA watch is overall quite comfortable to wear and is water and sweat-resistant.


Here are the complete details of the TSAR BOMBA watch display. 

TSAR BOMBA watches review: Technical Details

Case diameters



Up to 140G

Sapphire mirror hardness


Waterproof level

50mm to 100mm

Watch shape


The TSAR BOMBA watch features a 52mm diameter, which is coated with a high-quality and colorless anti-reflective layer on the sapphire mirror surface. As the brand follows a highly sophisticated hot blending process, the surface of the sapphire mirror glass possesses a 9-level hardness, making it stronger than any other watch.

TSAR BOMBA watches come in a variety of collections and the majority of them are waterproof. A typical TSAR BOMBA watch has a waterproof level of up to 50 meters, hence can be worn while showering, surfing, etc.

Overall, the design of the TSAR BOMBA watch does not disappoint at all. The big, colored case with vibrant hues gives your wrist an impeccable look. Depending on your taste and personality, you can select between various cases and a plethora of wristband colors.

TSAR BOMBA Watch Review: Looking at its Display

Now, let’s cover the design element in this TSAR BOMBA watch review article.

Definitely, TSAR BOMBA gives the wristwatch a more significant meaning. There are 12 tiny ornamental "screws" scattered over the bezel. They were influenced by the crimson lanterns of eastern ancient China. These lanterns stand for joy, radiance, integrity, and riches, as well as the reunion of families and success in one's career.

Racing automobiles serve as the inspiration for oversized, extra-oversized buttons and crowns. In TSAR BOMBA watches, speed and passion, as well as retro and fashion, are seamlessly combined.

The TSAR BOMBA watch strives for health and excellence by offering around 12 ventilation holes in a silicone strap made for the military to keep your skin well-ventilated at all times.

The best 316L stainless steel, which is safe for human use and is frequently used in aerospace, medical, and other areas, is utilized in TSAR BOMBA watches.

The hardest substance known to man is sapphire, which possesses exceptional scratch resistance. The TSAR BOMBA watch features a 51.5-mm synthetic sapphire glass screen that is bright and luminous. The screen is very clear, and a thin layer of anti-reflective coating keeps it from getting scratched or worn down.

The TSAR BOMBA watch works on the Japanese TMI VK67 movement that provides accurate time. Further, the extraordinary super-luminance makes it possible to read the time even in the dark. A comfortable, allergy-free 22mm high-grade silicone strap is sweat, moisture, and corrosion-resistant.

TSAR BOMBA Watch Review: Checking out its Performance

If we talk about the TSAR BOMBA watch's performance, then it has dazzling vitality and can shine for up to 4 hours. The water resistant watches show excellent performance even during underwater activities and go well with every temperature.

Every TSAR BOMBA watch collection undergoes 202 processing features and incorporates subtle effects with a personalized touch to create an unstoppable, dazzling charm. The Japanese TMI VK67 movement features 189 parts, a frequency of 21600 rpm, and a power reserve of 48 hours.

Do you know the TSAR BOMBA mechanical watch is automatic with an imported movement?

The TSAR BOMBA was created by German engineers with vision and extraordinarily innovative watchmakers. The designers can create high-quality watches for you since they are skilled and passionate about the watch business.


Automatic mechanical clocks from the TSAR BOMBA 8208 line are designed to be both unique and fashionable by blending elements of nature, design, and technology. Carbon fiber has a carbon content of over 90% and is a high-strength, high-modulus fiber. 

Most importantly, the Carbon Fiber Case's individuality is made even more appealing by the fact that each piece has a different texture and does not repeat. Also, the weight is cut by half, but the material is still super-hard, with a hardness that is ten times higher than that of regular steel. WOW, right?

Every TSAR BOMBA watch comes with two years of warranty, so if your watch needs repair or replacement, the brand will offer you one instantly.

TSAR BOMBA Watch Review: Glimpsing through its Features 

Every TSAR BOMBA watch is inspired by the work of engineers. These are some of the prominent characteristics of TSAR BOMBA watches, which range from evolutionary upgrades to exceptional strengths.

  • The Top features of TSAR BOMBA watches include the following:
      • COLORS: There are a variety of colors to choose from in its collection.
      • RESISTANCE: All TSAR BOMBA watches are water, shock, and sweat-resistant.
      • DURABLE: The sapphire mirror is up to 9 levels hard; hence it’s stronger and more durable.
      • ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING: Every TSAR BOMBA watch includes an anti-reflective coating.
      • STRONG PROCESS: Every watch goes through 202 processes to deliver an ergonomic double bridge design.
      • WEAR ”N” GO: TSAR BOMBA watches are suitable for daily, festive, or business meetings. Whether you’re going to a party or a casual meet, the watches give you an elegant look.
      • QUALITY: TSAR BOMBA watches undergo strict quality control to offer 100% quality service.
      • WARRANTY: Every watch comes with 2 years warranty and free shipping.

    The TSAR BOMBA watch is suited for every event. The brand provides a wide range of styles and colors that go with your personality, whether it's a party, birthday, wedding, or even a business meeting. This authentic watch embraces your look and offers a comfortable experience. 

    As the TSAR Bomba features are pretty astonishing, most people prefer either wearing them by themselves or gifting them to their friends, family, and relatives.

    TSAR BOMBA Automatic Watch Review [2023]

    The TSAR BOMBA 8208 and 8209 series are among the most famous automatic watches. There are 17 listed products in the brand's automatic collection, each with its own unique design and color.

    The cases of TSAR BOMBA automatic watches are made of 316L stainless steel and measure 50.4mm in diameter and 15.5mm in thickness. The series is water-resistant up to 5ATM and works on the Japanese Citizen MIYOTA 82S0 mechanical movement to offer precise timekeeping.

    The silicone straps add charm to the watch, and if they need a change, you can purchase them from AliExpress, Amazon, or even their official website. Like watches, straps come in a variety of colors, ranging from red, blue, and green, to olive, yellow, and orange. 

    To prevent dirt, scratches, and abrasion, all TSAR BOMBA automatic watches have a thin layer of anti-reflective coating. As a result, they will have a completely new look in the coming years.

    TSAR BOMBA Ceramic Watch Review [2023]

    It's time to talk about the other collections of the company now that we've covered the TSAR BOMBA automatic watch review in great detail.

    The most popular options for consumers are the TSAR BOMBA 8208 and 8209 ceramic series. These two series feature magnificent colors, namely red, blue, black, and white. The mirror case includes 15.9 mm synthetic-sapphire glass with an analog display. The glass is coated with a thin anti-reflective coating to keep the watch bright and glossy as long as you are wearing it.

    This ceramic bezel watch is 5ATM water resistant. Therefore, it is possible to wear them while surfing, paddle boarding, and other water sports. It is also advised to avoid TSAR BOMBA ceramic watches while performing extensive swimming or underwater activities.

    TSAR BOMBA Ceramic Watches are designed with 9 Mohs hardness; making them stronger and more durable. Unlike traditional watches, these watches show no sign of any damage or scratch even after years of wearing. 

    TSAR BOMBA ceramic watches series prices start from $549 as compared to other affordable watches. Now, you might be wondering why their prices are higher than automatic watches. Well, it's because TSAR BOMBA performs an extensive task by following 202 processes to make the watch better and more sustainable.  

    TSAR BOMBA Watch Carbon Fiber Review [2023]

    To give you an extra comfortable and lightweight feel, TSAR BOMBA carbon fiber watches are the right shot! The watches are not just comfy; they are five times as strong and stiff as stainless steel. 

    The TSAR BOMBA 8208, 8209, and 8210 series watches are suited for people looking for castability and stability to precisely match the ergonomic design. The double skeleton of the carbon fiber watches is equipped with an 82S0 movement, which provides precision timekeeping for 42 hours and energy storage for the same amount of time. The mechanical allure of the TSAR BOMBA carbon fiber watches is clearly visible. 

    Ion plating of aerospace-grade IP is a high-tech coating that is performed with exceptionally precise CNC cutting technology. This coating is used in the aerospace industry. Emery cold grinding is reported to be less reliable than this technology, which is believed to be four times as reliable. In addition, the attractive design of our watch was made possible by the 82S0 Japanese import movement that serves as its foundation.

    The Mohs 9-sapphire crystal mirror has a greater and more robust resistance to wear and corrosion than other mirrors.

    TSAR BOMBA Watch Comparison

    When discussing the TSAR BOMBA watch review, it’s necessary to look at other aspects of it, such as comparisons with other brands. As the watch is gaining popularity and is beating the Richard Mille, we thought of making a comparison between the two.

    Before we move ahead and make an in-depth comparison, let’s see what the TSAR BOMBA watch review holds:

    Let’s have a quick comparison!

    TSAR BOMBA watch vs Richard Mille

    Richard Mille is a well-known luxury company that caters to the needs of high-profile individuals by providing them with premium timepieces. Since their prices are too high, buying a watch from their store seems like a dream, and that’s an expensive one!

    As most of the TSAR BOMBA customers have chosen to purchase their watches from them instead of Richard Mille. And with quite similar features and highlights, the TSAR BOMBA watches have earned a good reputation in the watch industry.

    Below we have presented a quick comparison between these two giants:

    Key features


    Richard Mille





    Water, sweat, and corrosion resistance

    Cold and heat-resistance


    Sports chronograph

    Flyback chronograph

    Strap material

    Military rubber




    Limited edition/Out of stock


    Available on Amazon, Aliexpress, and on the official website

    Prior bookings to be made on their website

    What’s included in the box?

    A big box, watch cushion, cleaning towel, and manual

    A box and a watch cushion


    $189 + free shipping

    Above $425,000 + $185 for shipping

    According to the table that was just presented, clients of TSAR BOMBA can anticipate features that are comparable to those offered by Richard Mille. However, if they purchase the TSAR BOMBA watch instead of paying $425,000 for a single timepiece, they will not only save a significant amount of money but also avoid any inconvenience.

    Once you place an order with TSAR BOMBA, you can expect to receive a solid, eye-catching box with the TSAR BOMBA logo embedded on the top. Along with your watch, you can find a soft cushion, a watch cleaning cloth, and a manual inside your box. 

    In addition to the above, the TSAR BOMBA orders are delivered within 7 business days of order placement. And one can easily purchase their favorite watch from online stores or from TSAR BOMBA's official website. On the contrary, being a luxury brand, Richard Mille watches are generally out of stock or only available for a limited time. Therefore, in order to watch, one must either wait or make a reservation in advance.

    However, since the Richard Mille watches are so expensive, no one dares order them except celebrities, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

    TSAR BOMBA Watch Price

    The selection of Affordable Luxury Watch offered by Tsar Bomba includes an extensive breadth of options. From automatic to ceramic, one can also find carbon fiber watches in their product display. The price of the brand model TB8801Q on the TSAR BOMBA website starts at $169, which is the lowest price point offered.


    If you wish to purchase a TSAR BOMBA luxury ceramic bezel automatic watch with model no. TB8209C, then the prices can reach up to $649.99. This is the most expensive option that can be selected on their website.

    Plus, you can find several discounts, ranging up to 20% off, or offers like free shipping on TSAR BOMBA's official website.

    If we compare the TSAR BOMBA prices with Richard Mille, then the lowest price of their watch costs around $275,000 + $185 for shipping. Besides this, the highest range of a Richard Mille watch can reach more than $645,000 + shipping.

    Is TSAR BOMBA watch good?

    Now, when we talk about the TSAR BOMBA watch review, it is generally asked- are TSAR BOMBA watches good or not. 

    To answer this question, let’s take a glimpse at their numbers.

    Numerical Facts

    Total products

    32 (and counting)

    Global ratings 

    🌕🌕🌕🌕🌗 (4.5-star)

    89% ratings above 4-star

    Products sold

    3342 (and counting) 

    2022 Turnaround

    40 million USD (and counting)

    From the above figures, we can clearly see that the brand is satisfying customers by offering best luxury men's watches at budget-friendly prices. 

    The TSAR BOMBA has a team of experts who analyze and quality-check each item before it is delivered to the customer. Apart from offering a 2 years warranty, any damaged watch can be returned or exchanged as soon as the item is delivered or within 24 hours of delivery.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Are TSAR BOMBA watches good quality?

    As a matter of fact, the TSAR BOMBA Watches hold cutting-edge technology and sophisticated machinery. Every product goes through 202 heating processes to make every TSAR BOMBA watch strong, durable, and long-lasting. 

    Besides that, the watches come in a variety of hues and color combinations to suit everyone’s personality. Furthermore, TSAR BOMBA watches are shock, water, sweat, and corrosion resistant. Overall, the brand has earned a great reputation on the Amazon marketplace and has received a 4.5 stars rating.

    So, are TSAR BOMBA watches good? There is no way around the fact that they are of high quality. Therefore, there is no risk in making a purchase of your favorite watch from the TSAR BOMBA website or Amazon.

    2. Where is TSAR BOMBA watch from? 

    Although the TSAR BOMBA watches are born in a top-secret Force laboratory by scientists from China and Germany. However, in order to guarantee the highest possible quality and accuracy throughout the manufacturing process, China is the production house of the watches. A Japanese movement powers the watch, which provides exceptionally accurate timing.

    3. What is the lowest TSAR BOMBA watch price? 

    Today, you can find a select number of high-end TSAR BOMBA watches available for a manageable sum. Prices for the watches begin at $169 for the model with the designation TB8801Q and range all the way up to $649 for the watch with the designation TB8209C. Only this price range applies to any of the other products that are available.

    The company intends to improve and introduce some incredible new models at prices that are within the reach of its target audience.

    4. Why is TSAR BOMBA watch tb8204q so popular?

    Although all of TSAR BOMBA’s watches are quite popular in the market, the recently launched Mens Watch Tonneau Waterproof Watch TB8204Q has completely shaken the watch industry. Why? There are several reasons for the same, and here are some of them: 

    The watch is stunning and appealing in its look and design. 

    • There are several color combinations that make it more impressive and give it a classy look.
    • The watch comes lightweight and works on a Mecha quartz chronograph with a 1.5-sec sweep.
    • The watch uses A-grade luminous material (Super-Luminova) that lights for more than 3 hours.
    • Removable straps come in different colors and are easily available online.
    • The watch offers amazing value for a Richard Mille homage.

    As a result of all of these factors, the TSAR BOMBA watch TB8204q is extremely popular.

    5. Is there any TSAR BOMBA watch discount available?

    Yes, you may find lucrative discounts and offers on TSAR BOMBA's official website. The brand usually comes with 20% off or more and free shipping.

    It's a good idea to check their website frequently for last-minute deals and offers, as well as exciting coupon codes.

    6. What is the official TSAR BOMBA watch website URL?

    The official website of the TSAR BOMBA Watch is www.tsarbombawatch.com. You can buy, chat with the team, or write a TSAR BOMBA watch review on the website.

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