Carbon fiber is a composite material that has the characteristics of being strong, lightweight with high stiffness, and made up of crystalline filaments of carbon. It is also known as graphite fiber. According to Wikipedia, carbon fiber was introduced in light bulbs by Joseph Swan in 1860. Over the years, carbon fiber has become an important material in many industries such as the aerospace industry for the construction of aircraft and spacecraft, the automotive industry, especially for manufacturing racing car parts, sports goods especially bicycle frames, watches, and many other necessities owing to its standardized properties.

In this blog, we will primarily discuss carbon fiber bezels, focusing on their texture, cost, and composition. We will also explore how the qualities of carbon fiber are increasing its value in the watchmaking industry.

What is Carbon Fiber Material?

Carbon fiber consists of carbon atoms bonded in filaments and connected through a crystalline lattice structure, which gives the combination the advantage of lightweight and high strength. The process of making carbon fiber is not only complicated, but it also entails several steps that are quite intricate.

Among the significant aspects of carbon fiber, is the fact that it is both strong and light makes it suitable in many materialistic fields. It is the best compromise option with steel and other strong materials. Carbon fiber bezels are light and provide considerable levels of resilience and stability.

The texture of Carbon Fiber

The making of carbon fiber is a complex process that results in a strong, thin, and lightweight material. In simple words, it involves the creation of very strong, closed carbon bonds. Its texture is primarily strong and smooth, often appearing in a layered, cubic shape. However, it can be molded into various textures during processing, allowing the watch industry to give carbon fiber bezels an aesthetic look.

Cost of Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is easily available in the industrial market. According to research, raw carbon fiber costs $10 to $30 per pound. However, after industrial processing, its value depends entirely on the manufacturing process. Carbon fiber for bezels is accessible, and its quality depends on how it is made.

Use in Watch Bezel

Carbon fiber material is used as a substitute for steel and other traditional materials. Its ability to resist heat, sweat, scratches, and water makes it perfect for watch bezels. Additionally, carbon fiber's lightweight and durable nature makes it ideal for watches.

  • Carbon fiber watches resist heat, sweat, corrosion, and water.
  • They are strong and look modern.
  • Carbon fiber is light, so it feels comfortable to wear.
  • Carbon fiber makes watches look aesthetic.

When searching for a watch, we check every detail to meet our standards. Introducing the Tsar Bomba TB8212CF watch, featuring a beautifully designed Carbon Fiber bezel weighing only 105g. It also offers 5ATM water resistance with the Epson YN88A Power Reserve Movement. This watch is the best in the aesthetic collection.

To know about water resistance (ATM), check out our blog "A Quick Guide to Water Resistance (ATM, Meters, and More)".


Carbon fiber is super strong and stiff yet incredibly light. It can handle hot and cold environments without a hitch and resists scratches and chemicals like a champ. This translates to watches that are tough, lightweight, and comfortable to wear on any adventure. While the material itself might be a good value compared to other fancy watch options, keep in mind that the final price of a carbon fiber watch can vary depending on how fancy the design is and who makes it.

June 12, 2024 — WBO Solutions