Have you recently bought your brand new water resistant watch? If yes, then you should probably know everything about maintaining your watch. It is essential that if you wear your watch daily, you should also maintain it properly. 

It’s not difficult to properly care for a watch, especially if you are passionate about it or have a personal connection with it. As the saying goes, a properly maintained timepiece can be passed along from generation to generation if adequately cared for. 

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So, here are some of the maintenance tips by which you can maintain your water resistance watch properly:

By reading this article, you will learn the tips to maintain a water resistance watch efficiently.

  • Clean Your Watch As Frequently

It is vital to make sure that your watch is always clean. If your watch is clean, it can only be appropriately maintained for years. To clean your watch, take a soft cloth and wipe down the band and the case to remove dirt or dust from the watch. Soak the watch in soap and water by keeping its water resistance parameters in mind.

  • Service Your Watch On The Regular Basis

It is important that you service your watch every two or three months, regardless of warranty length. If you take care of the service of the water resistance watch, you will come to know about its problems; its mechanical issues, because of which you can repair them immediately before the watch mechanism fails. 

  • Avoid Magnets

Some people don't know that magnets are very harmful to watches. As a matter of fact, if you place your watch close to the magnet, it will have a negative effect on the timekeeping of your watch. So, you must keep your watch away from the magnets.

  • Know About Your Watch’s Water Resistance Parameters

Some watch wearers are unaware of their water resistant limits and take their watch too deep. If your watch is water resistant only up to 50 meters, it’s not wise to take it for snorkeling. Some watches cannot handle the depths as the rapid change in pressure may be too much for your watch to handle. Analyze how much your watch is water resistant. 

  • Take Proper Care Of The Crystal

This is quite obvious, but it’s still important and worth mentioning. Take every precaution to prevent banging your water resistant watch's crystal against a wall or other objects that may cause scratches. Crystal is one of the main parts of the watch, and it is equally important to take care of the crystal because if it damages, the watch will not look appealing.

  • Keep A Storage Box For Your Watches

In most cases, it is obvious that your watch will be damaged if you do not store it in its storage box. When you are not wearing your watch, you must store them properly in a storage box. 

Special watch storage boxes are available in shops for the safety of the watch. You can always store your watches in them when not wearing them. Also, while traveling, you can put your watch in a storage box to avoid scratching.

  • Avoid The  Exposure To Sunlight

Never put your watch in direct sunlight, as it can affect its mechanism. Sunlight can fade the color of your wristwatch. Heat is not at all suitable for any of the watches as it can also shorten the battery life of the watch. So, always try to keep your watch away from the sunlight.

  • Avoid The Direct Contact With The Chemicals

None of the chemicals is good for a wristwatch. Oils, cologne, and other chemicals are dangerous for your watch. Significantly perfumes can damage leather bands and even their spray can weaken the band. If you place perfume, let it completely dry before putting your watch on the wrist. Like jewelry, the watch should be the last thing you should wear after getting ready.

Do not use powerful chemicals while cleaning your watch, as they can completely damage it. 

  • Try Not To Open Your Watch By Yourself While Maintenance

Never try to open your watch by yourself. Always ask a professional if you want your water resistant watch to be serviced. Opening your watch by yourself can expose it to dirt and dust. Also, other harmful particles can get inside your watch. So, it is better if the professional does so. 

  • Always Read Watch Manual First

Certain things are specific to every watch, so it is necessary that you always read a watch manual before you start wearing the watch. Also, most luxury water resistant watches have different features and functions, which you can easily read from the watch manual. 

If you want your watch to last for decades, you have to take care of it properly. 

So, that was all about maintaining a watch. After reading these tips, you can easily analyze what’s good for your watch and not. 


Whether buying a luxury or a normal watch, your watch must be properly maintained. You should properly clean your watch, service your watch regularly, avoid magnets, and keep your watch in proper storage boxes to maintain your water resistant watch. Buying a watch is not worth it if you don’t know how to maintain it properly. We hope by using our tips and tricks, you’ll be able to handle your watch accurately.

02 janvier, 2023 — WBO Solutions