Nowadays, smartphones, smartwatches, and digital devices dominate the world. One may ask about the relevance of mechanical watches. Watches powered by movement, also known as mechanical watches, continue to hold significant appeal. Instead, for their functional purposes, they carry rich tradition, craftsmanship, and a timeless aesthetic that holds great significance among watch enthusiasts. 

This blog explores why mechanical watches remain significant in the modern age, highlighting their forever charm, emotional attachment, and experience they offer.

There are several reasons why movement watches remain significant in today's world:

Reason 1: Mechanical watches are examples of craftsmanship and artistry. They are assembled with a complex mechanism by skilled watchmakers dedicated to making these timepieces. Gears and springs with intricate movement work simultaneously inside the watch to keep time. The precision involved in making these timepieces with meticulous attention to detail makes them beautiful objects. Watch enthusiasts appreciate the mechanical watches' craftsmanship, making them more than just a timekeeping device but a work of art.

Reason 2: Mechanical watches have classic design and elegance, which makes them a timeless appeal. Mechanical watches have a long-lasting charm that increases with time, unlike digital watches that follow fleeting trends. The traditionally rooted design has remained unchanged for generations. These timepieces combine fine materials like precious metal, genuine leather, intricate dials, hands, and cases, resulting in a sophisticated object. Mechanical watches add a touch of elegance to casual and formal attires.

Reason 3: Mechanical watches carry a tradition and heritage of movement watches. Famous watchmakers have long-standing legacies, and their families have been involved in making these timepieces for centuries. Mechanical watches teach us about the history of watchmaking and the art of timekeeping. Mechanical watches give us an idea about the craftsmanship and dedication of watchmakers who have perfected their skills over time. Heritage and tradition associated with mechanical watches add value to them, unlike digital watches, which cannot replicate this.

Reason 4: In the present time, where technology changes with the passage of time and digital watches require constant charging and connectivity, mechanical watches give us independence from all this. These timepieces do not rely on power sources, batteries making them reliable objects. Mechanical watches support you everywhere, whether remote location or during power outages. Mechanical watches continue to work accurately. Their self-sufficiency makes them suitable for various environments and situations.

Reason 5: The value of mechanical watches from renowned brands or limited edition models appreciated over some time. They have become highly sought objects by collectibles and a dedicated community of watch enthusiasts and collectors. The craftsmanship and brand reputation contribute to their desirability and investment value. Owning a mechanical watch gives you a feel of wearing a finely crafted timepiece but is also an asset for financial gain in the long run; for many people owning a mechanical watch is seen as both passion and investment. 

Reason 6: In this busy world of constant notification and distraction, wearing a mechanical timepiece helps you to disconnect and enjoy the simplicity of timekeeping. It helps you to remain more focused on your work and helps you to avoid screen and digital interference. Mechanical watches bring calmness and connect us to the present moment. The wearer can enjoy wearing these timepieces by reconnecting with the beauty of finely crafted timepieces.

TsarBomba Mechanical Movement Watches Collection

TsarBomba mechanical movement watches feature an ergonomic double bridge design. Their Cases undergo 202 processes, which helps them to fit human wrists more comfortably and enhance the matching experience. Tsar Bomba mechanical watches have a colorless anti-reflective coating and sapphire glass. Their watches feature 316L stainless steel, and the case is water- and corrosion-resistant.


TsarBomba mechanical watches must be worn 8 to 10 hours daily or rotate the watch's crown 30 times to get sufficient energy. These products have water-resistant ratings ranging from 5 to 10 ATMs, suitable for swimming and diving. The sapphire glass provides strength and durability. 

Closing Thoughts:

The digital age has brought significant advancement in watch technology; watches with movement remain essential for those who appreciate these timepieces' artistry, craftsmanship, and heritage. They offer a  blend of elegance and connection to the past that digital devices cannot replicate. In this world of technological progress, mechanical watches give us a feel of human touch and the timeless allure of finely crafted timepieces. So whether you are wearing mechanical watches for the fashion statement or the tradition, the demand for mechanical timepieces remains in this digital age.


Q1. Are watches powered by movement still accurate compared to digital watches?

Ans: Mechanical watches may not be as accurate as digital ones, depending on quartz or atomic timekeeping technology. Modern mechanical watches can still be reliable for timekeeping with acceptable accuracy within a few seconds daily. The charm of mechanical watches lies in the precision, craftsmanship, and artistry involved in their creation.

Q2. Why should I choose a watch powered by movement over a digital smartwatch?

Ans: As we know, smartwatches offer a wide range of features but watches powered by movement provide different experiences. They create a sense of tradition, craftsmanship, and elegance that digital devices often lack. Mechanical watches do not depend on battery power or software updates; they offer a lasting appeal. For those who appreciate the art of watchmaking and have pride in owning mechanical timepieces, a watch powered by movement is the symbol of sophistication.

Q3. Do mechanical watches require regular maintenance?

Ans: Yes, mechanical watches require maintenance on a regular basis to ensure their accuracy working. It is recommended to service your mechanical watches every two to three years. The service of the watch includes cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment of the movement to maintain its longevity and accuracy. Regular maintenance of mechanical timepieces helps to prevent wear and tear and ensures that the watch works smoothly and efficiently.

Q4. Are watches powered by movement water-resistant?

Ans: Not all mechanical watches are water-resistant. Watches' water resistance depends on their design, construction, and use. Mechanical watches are specifically designed for water activities and have water resistance ratings ranging from 5 to 10 ATMs. It is important to note that water resistance does not mean it is suitable for prolonged water exposure. Therefore, it is always recommended to check the watch's specifications and guidelines regarding water resistance before exposing it to water directly.

10 août, 2023 — WBO Solutions