If your adventures take you differently, forget normal watches and go for a quartz waterproof watch. 

But why?

Quartz waterproof watches are exceptional watches that can be worn during all your daily activities. Even if you are hiking in the mountains, diving in the water, camping in the forest, or even paragliding in the sky, you certainly need a wristwatch.

An automatic watch is a plus point for you as it does not need a battery, so you don’t need to worry about the “battery run” while performing any activity.

If you are searching for quartz waterproof watches, Tsar Bomba is the perfect destination. Certainly, Tsar Bomba is the only brand selling luxury waterproof at a very affordable price. Plus, we have a complete range of waterproof and water-resistant watches from 50m to 200m.

Indeed, you can easily buy your favorite watch from our online store!

But the question is, why TSAR BOMBA?

Though there are several reasons to buy your watch from Tsar Bomba, we have listed some of them below:

  • Tsar Bomba watches have the most unique designs that you’ll ever find in the watch industry.
  • All watches are entirely waterproof and water-resistant, ranging from 5ATM to 20ATM.
  • Tsar Bomba is the only brand that has the most affordable watches- unbelievable, right?
  • Tsar Bomba provides a two-year warranty on all its products. 
  • Tsar Bomba has a wide variety of products like carbon fiber watches, automatic watches, ceramic watches, quartz watches, and mechanical watches. So, you can choose whatever you want and add it to your collection.

Now, let’s look at some of our best-selling watches!

Our Top 3 Quartz Waterproof Watches

We have compiled a list of our popular quartz watches on our website with all the top features and qualities. Our list can help you with your preferences and needs, especially if you want to buy a stunning and well-equipped watch.

So, let’s begin!

  1. Waterproof Luxury Quartz Watch Viton Strap-TB8211Q 

This quartz watch is 5ATM waterproof. If you want to go swimming, kayaking, or even paddle boarding, you can wear this watch without any hassle. You can wear this watch while taking a shower too. 

Also, it has a beautiful design and high-quality mechanism, which will complete your entire look.

Why buy this watch? 316L Stainless steel case material, 51.5mm case diameter,  15.5mm case thickness, fluorine rubber band material, 210mm band length, 5ATM water-resistant, Epson YM92 quartz movement, and analog display are the top reasons to buy this watch.

From where to buy? Buy here. 

   2. Waterproof Quartz Watch TB8204Q Silver Orange

Just have a glimpse at this beautiful timepiece which has 5Bar water-resistant. If you are a swimmer and looking for an underwater watch, certainly you can buy this Tsar Bomba quartz waterproof watch. Also, while doing other water activities, you can comfortably wear this watch.

Why buy this watch? Quartz movement, dial window material, case thickness of 16.8mm, the case material is stainless steel, dial diameter of 43.5mm, and bandwidth of 18mm are some of the top reasons to buy this watch.

From where to buy? Buy here

3. MIYOTA JS20 Sapphire Mens Watch TB8801Q

This round dial watch is 10ATM waterproof so you can swim, river raft, wash your car, and even perform other water activities without fear. Also, if you are going to a party, this watch will give you a luxurious appearance and set you apart from the crowd.

Why buy this watch? Waterproof: 10ATM=100 meters, case mirror material: synthetic-sapphire Glass, case thickness: 15mm, case diameter: 52mm, stainless steel bezel, Japanese citizen MIYOTA JS20 movement are the top reasons to buy this watch.

From where to buy? Buy here.

We have listed our top waterproof watches which you can choose for your daily activities as well it can be used for your other occasions. You can easily buy your luxury dream watch from these watches.


When you are buying a luxury watch it is necessary to see if it is waterproof or not. We have listed the top quartz waterproof watches with the main features. We hope this blog will help you select the best waterproof watches at very reasonable prices.


16 dicembre 2022 — WBO Solutions