Watches tell time, but diamond watches enchant time.

People say diamonds are the best friend of girls. But let’s face the truth, we all love diamonds. Especially when it is shining on our wrists. Diamond watches are the new craze among people but many of them are truly unaware of this masterpiece. 

Everyone aims to showcase the finest timepiece on their wrist regardless of style or budget. For this, it is essential that if you spend a lot of money on a diamond watch, you also get the best one with a couple of spectacular features.

In this detailed guide, we will also take a closer look at some of the watches of TSAR BOMBA that you might have never seen before.

By saying that, let's move ahead & get to know all about buying diamond watches. Firstly, let’s discuss the popularity of diamond luxury watches.

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Diamond Watches - Raising the bar of luxury

Having a luxury watch has become pretty standard nowadays. For many people, quality of life is dependent on the luxury items they have. A large number of high society consists of millionaires-billionaires and their class is shown by wearing expensive watches. Perhaps, these watches are something that everyone notices. That is why their craze is increasing day by day.

Do you Know Why People Buy Diamond Watches?

There are many reasons why people love to buy diamond watches. Some people buy them as investments because everyone knows that the value of diamonds increases every day. Other people buy them because they are symbols of status and wealth. The remaining ones buy them because they appreciate the craftsmanship of luxury watches. Whatever the reason is, there are only benefits if you buy a diamond watch.

We have listed some benefits: 

  1. Diamond watches are often more accurate than other watches due to their high craftsmanship.
  2. These watches are incredibly durable and last for years if you care properly.
  3. Diamonds are precious gemstones, so they symbolize status and wealth.
  4. Diamond watches are the best investments because they have great resale value.

Still, the question arises of where and how to buy.

There are many brands that sell luxury watches online but the problem is that their watches cost thousands of dollars. But there are brands like TSAR BOMBA that are not only affordable but are also known for providing the best services and offers. 

After all, every watch brand has its entry point. That is some watches that are priced more affordably than all other watches. And those are the watches we are highlighting in this blog. 

Diamond Watches For Men Online

There are many types of diamond watches for men that are available online. Some have a moderate amount of diamonds, and some have a diamond bezel. People have different choices and styles and want to style their watches accordingly. But what if you get an all-in-one timepiece? Can’t believe it? Wait and keep reading.

TSAR BOMBA watches have only a moderate amount of diamonds on them, and most of the TSAR BOMBA watches are unisex too. If you are the one who is looking for a watch that suits your every outfit and your style, then you are at the right place.  

IMPORTANT NOTE 🙂: When buying a TSAR BOMBA watch, you are not just buying a watch; you are getting your hands on a piece of art, an heirloom, and a piece of history.

Before moving forward, let us show you the masterpiece of TSAR BOMBA - Automatic Waterproof Diamond Like Cubic Zirconia Watch TB8209D.

Price - $549.99

Are you looking for the best diamond watch to buy for 2023? You’ve found it. Providing a 2-year warranty, this luxury TSAR BOMBA watch is made of stainless steel and glittering diamonds fitted on the case's lugs.

This watch contains a beautiful ergonomic double bridge design and is available in four different luxury colors (red💖, black🖤, white🤍, and golden black🖤⭐). The black and golden color gives a royal look when worn with business formals or at lavish parties.

Also, It is 50m water-resistant and can be worn easily while swimming and snorkeling!

Diamond Watches For Women Online

Diamonds - For some women, they represent radiant beauty and their uniqueness and for some, they are the symbols of wealth. But apart from diamond jewelry women love to wear diamond watches. If you are the one who is looking for diamond watches then you can buy them from TSAR BOMBA has a great collection of watches for women.

Our collection has an incredible variety of watches made with diamonds starting from $449.99 with the most beautiful and vibrant colors that every woman will love. 

Let us show you our second masterpiece - Tsar Bomba Automatic Luxury Ceramic Watch-TB8209C

This TSAR BOMBA masterpiece looks super gorgeous with a black dial. This beautiful diamond watch adopts an ergonomic double bridge design that will make you different from the crowd. Whether you go for a business meeting or a romantic date, you can wear this beautiful timepiece. It is available in four beautiful colors. (black🖤, white🤍, red💖, blue💙).

Tsar Bomba Watches - For Men And Women

The best thing about TSAR BOMBA watches is that they are unisex. Men and women can wear these watches because all TSAR BOMBA watches are crafted uniquely with beautiful colors that men and women can wear with every outfit. Buying TSAR BOMBA watches means handing a legacy that your family will cherish forever. Make these timepieces a wise investment. 

Diamond Watches On Sale

Diamond watches are the dream watches for many people because of their numerous advantages but some do not buy them as they have such a high price. If you also dream of buying a diamond luxury watch on your budget, you can buy it from TSAR BOMBA as its timepieces are not only exceptional but there are so many new offers and deals on TSAR BOMBA’s online stores from where you can check the new discounts and offers on watches. Also, it provides free shipping and a 20% discount on your first purchase. 


In this blog, we have given complete information on diamond watches about their popularity, how to buy and where to buy them, and our best watches that you can buy for yourself and for your loved ones at very affordable prices.