How do I start the refund process?

If you need a refund or a return refund, please contact our customer service first, and then refund after communication, because this is the fastest way to deal with it. The store customer service will arrange the best and fastest refund method for you, and inform you of the return address. Customer service will reply within 12 hours, please do not click refund or appeal by yourself, it will extend the return time.

We make it easy! Here you can process your return or exchange. Once customer service confirms it can be returned, you can return it to the return address for a full refund. All returns must be received within 30 days of the delivery date. Items must be unused and undamaged, with original labels and complete boxes, you can contact our WhatsApp or Email.

WhatsApp: +86 15625404315

Note: 1. All products must be returned in their original condition, unaltered and unused. 2. Provide the package's invoice/warranty card for the return process.
Without the above, returns will not be processed.

We will process the refund upon receipt of the product. Product must be in unused condition, original packaging with original label and invoice, or refund may not be possible.

Once the refund process is initiated, the amount will be refunded directly to your payment account in the same way as the transaction or by check

TSAR BOMBA WATCH is committed to ensuring that customers are fully satisfied with the products, safety and customer assistance available on our website. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can choose to return it.

We only provide genuine products and promise to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Men's watches come with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee from the date of purchase and a 2-year related problem warranty. Any defective parts related to quality issues during this period will be 100% refunded or replaced. Our priority is your satisfaction.


1. Do I need to pay for return shipping?

Usually, return shipping will be paid by us. Customers need to pay the shipping cost first and send the shipping proof to us for return. We will pay the shipping cost to the customer as soon as the watch is received. If the watch is returned due to customer damage, shipping will be paid by the customer.

2. Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, once shipped, we cannot cancel the order. However, once you receive the package, you can keep it or contact us for a return. To cancel an order that has not yet been shipped, please contact our customer service team as follows.


3. When can I get a refund?

1. Please note that we will refund the exact price of your purchase. Prices will be affected by additional discounts, promotions, coupon codes and TSAR BOMBA points applied at checkout.

2. Refunds will be made within 3 to 5 business days to the original card used to purchase the item, or you can choose to use online store credits. We do not accept refunds from other cards or different payment methods. Please note that it may take up to 7-10 additional business days for the payment to be processed before the refund is credited to your account.

3. If the value of the product remaining on your return order is less than $60, a $10 shipping fee will be deducted from the refund.

4. If you pay with Paypal, we will refund you on the day we receive the returned watch, and you will receive your refund on the day we initiate the refund

4. When will the exchange be shipped?

All items requiring replacement will be processed within three business days and sent via standard shipping. Please refer to estimated delivery time. Usually the same time it takes you to get your watch for the first time

5. I need a return or exchange, but it has been more than 30 days. what should I do?

For returns, please request a return within 30 days

If you want to return or exchange after 30 days policy, please contact for more information.

6. Where should I send my returns?

We do not accept unprocessed and first submitted returns.
Note: Please ensure that all returns are sent to the address below, otherwise it will affect your returns process.
US ,CA Return address:

Susie Liu
205 Simple
Irvine, CA 92620-2848
Tel: 949/7989897

European return address:

Name: Alexander Braun
Street: Edzardstrasse
House number: 4
Postcode: 26506
City: Norden
County: Lower Saxony
Land: Germany
Tel: 01746197658

7. Will there be a return handling fee for returns or exchanges?

There is no handling fee for returns; however, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

8. How to check the status of my package

When we start shipping, we will send the tracking link to your mailbox, if you have any questions, please contact us.


Tsar Bomba- The Name

The Tsar Bomba explosion, which was detonated in the Arctic Circle by the Soviet Union in 1961, was one of the most powerful nuclear explosions in history. However, despite the destructive nature of the weapon, our brand has found inspiration in the symbolic aspects of the event.

The name of the bomb, 'Tsar Bomba,' is a reference to the Russian word for emperor and serves as a reminder of the immense power that leaders possess. This power can be used for good or for evil, and it is up to those in positions of authority to use their power for the betterment of humanity.

For us, the name 'Tsar Bomba' symbolizes the need for peace and unity in a world that is often divided by differences. Our brand is committed to promoting these values, and our watches serve as a symbol of that commitment.

With every watch we create, we hope to inspire individuals to think about the role they can play in promoting peace and harmony and to take action toward building a better world.

Why Choose Tsar Bomba?

We, a trusted brand known for unparalleled quality and innovation, present to you Tsar Bomba—a choice that transcends pure timekeeping. Our timepieces aren't just accessories; they're symbols of prestige and sophistication. 

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each Tsar Bomba watch exudes luxury and elegance. Every element is crafted to perfection, from the sleek design to the precise movement, ensuring you make a statement. 

Durability meets style with Tsar Bomba. Our watches are built to withstand the rigors of everyday life while maintaining their impeccable appearance. When you choose Tsar Bomba, you're not just buying a watch but joining a legacy of excellence.

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Our Mission

Tsar Bomba offers you the opportunity to redefine the standards of luxury watchmaking and inspire individuals to embrace their unique style confidently.

We are dedicated to crafting timepieces that exude elegance and sophistication and reflect our commitment to quality and innovation. With every watch we create, we strive to blend timeless design with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that each piece is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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