Gifts and Things

send you a bouquet of roses
will eventually wither
send you pearl emerald
always seem boring
Send an unrivaled watch
This is the best gift
It walks by without lingering on the scene
It makes noise and runs without looking back
It accompanies you every minute and every second
Bring you endless thoughts in the passing of time

From the people
From the people
I absolutely love my Tsar Bomba watch! The carbon fiber case is really beautiful. It has a heavy, solid feel that conveys a solid watch. It's nothing like any other watch I've seen, with skeletons on the front and back. The hollow design allows the dial to be seen very clearly. I love it so much!
— Pacific Rubiales
From the people
The workmanship and overall design of the watch is exquisite, the classic black is always the best, and the watch fits. Thanks for the quick answer from customer service, the delivery was on time and I received my package very quickly.
— Eddie C Nash
From the people
The watch has a 100% perfect texture and look. The stainless steel case of this watch is very textured, which makes the watch more advanced. With a soft silicone strap, it is very comfortable to wear on any occasion, and it matches well with clothes. It is indispensable for business travel or leisure sports.
— sergei rachmaninoff
From the people
Watch is very well made, beautiful stainless steel and see through case. The best style watch I have seen in the market.I think I'm going to buy another one with a different style.
— Wunderschöne