Because there could be no compromise in the movement's strength or ability to withstand water, the production process for this novel caliber took a couple of months to complete. Perhaps this was necessary to ensure that the Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q was not compromised.

#Simplicity with Elegance

This meant that a lot of time and effort went into testing different versions of the quartz steel baseplate before deciding on the final pattern of cutaways.

An automatic movement featuring an oversize date mechanism and a rotor with variable geometry is housed inside the watch's case, which has dimensions of 50.5 mm by 43.5 mm by 16.8 mm.

This innovative design, which is exclusive to the Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q, enables the rewinding of the mainspring to be adapted in the most effective manner to the activity level of the user within the context of sports or daily activities. 

The Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q case material is made of 316L stainless steel and weighs 150 grams. The weight segment that runs along the outer edge of the rotor is also made of grey or black steel, which is water and corrosion-resistant, and the ball bearings inside of the rotor are made from a unique and extremely long-lasting material.

#Epitome of Sophistication

As said, 316L stainless steel is used in the construction of the baseplate, bridges, and crown. This ergonomic design has undergone 202 heating processes to make the Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q exceptional. 

This also provides the entire assembly with a great deal of rigidity, as well as precise surface flatness, both of which are essential to the gear train's ability to operate in an optimal manner. 

With a water resistance of 50M, the watch allows the wearer to use it while handwashing, showering, or shallow swimming.

The Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q movement is crafted with delicate straps made from silicone, making this watch comfortable to wear.

#Artistry Craftsmanship

The entire mechanism of the Tsar Bomba watch TB8204Q, which features 12 different dials and 12 jewels and beats a Japanese Seiko TMI VK67 movement, was designed and built specifically to provide superior timekeeping capabilities.

This chronograph watch is equipped with a free-sprung balance that can be adjusted in inertia. This particular style of balance wheel exemplifies cutting-edge technological development. It ensures a higher level of dependability when it is assembled or disassembled, leading to improved chronometric results over time. 

A-super luminous light allows wearers to glimpse through the dark by glowing continuously for 4 hours. Further, the regulator index can be adjusted using the two-level crown that changes the date and time. Along with it, one can start, stop, or reset the watch using the buttons that are located next to the crown. This allows for a more accurate and repeatable adjustment.

Plus, the series includes vibrant color collections such as blue, green, red, orange, etc. that go with every personality and embrace the wearer’s charm. All our watches are strictly crafted according to ISO 9001 international quality testing standards.

#Exotic and Premium 

The watch's movement, case, and dial were all designed with a clear concept in mind. This is clear from how the watch looks and how well it works. Because of this, everything has been built in accordance with extremely stringent specifications.

This was done in the manner of the analytical engineering methods used in the design of Formula 1 racing cars, in which the chassis and the engine are developed in complete harmony with one another. The fact that these features exist at all, demonstrates that the craftsmanship was not compromised in any way.

In order to reach the final design for the case, a plethora of stamping operations are required. The machining process takes longer than a couple of hours and involves 202 heating operations; the finishing work takes an entire day to complete. 

After that, a careful quality check on each watch takes place for a period of 1 hour.

The water resistance of the Tonneau case is guaranteed with 3 “O”-shaped sealing rings, and it can withstand water depths of up to 50 meters. The Synthetic-sapphire Glass case is put together with a bezel including a total of 12 spline screws and abrasion-resistant washers made out of 316L stainless steel.

The stronger scalpel material can resist small abrasions and is sweat resistant. The strap is highly recommended for sensitive skin as it causes no allergic reactions.

The TB8204Q Quartz automatic exemplifies Tsar Bomba’s innovative design with the rotor and its variable inertia, while also introducing new devices such as the oversize date and combining cutting-edge technology with elegance, exceptional lines, useful functionality, and an unmistakable personality.



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